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A box spring is simply a wooden support used to raise a mattress off the ground to keep both your mattress and you away from cold air and dust. However, a wooden box spring can be used as a hiding place for bed bugs. So, can bed bugs live in wood? As we know bed bugs can live in wooden materials and furniture. Box spring is made using a system of large and gauge wire coils or even metal rods to provide a support system to the mattress. On the outside cover, the box springs are covered using a skid-resistance fabric to act as a dust-barrier.

The function of a box spring

Initially, box springs were made to help absorb shock and reduce wear for individual using thinner mattresses as well as enhance ventilation for sleepers. They often come as a pair with a mattress (set). On instances, box springs are used together with a bed-frame to raise a mattress as well as provide ample storage under the bed.

There are majorly two types of box springs that include;

  • Standard box spring; they measure 9-inches in height
  • Low profile box-spring; they measure between 5-5 inches

Both the box springs work the same to offer the same amount of support to the mattress regardless of the difference in height. Today, manufacturers produce thicker mattresses than before. However, many mattress manufacturers now produce low profile box-springs. Though, they aren’t as thick as standard ones.

  • Functions of a box spring
  • Provide support & stability to your mattress
  • Create a firm and flat surface for your mattress to rest
  • Elevate or lift the mattress height as well as keep it off the floor

Not all the times when you purchase a mattress it comes with a box spring, sometimes you’ll have to purchase them differently. But before that, it is essential to know how to identify the best box spring for your mattress. Here are some factors to put into consideration to help you with your buying decision. They include;

Step 1: Measuring the mattress size

Just like a mattress, box springs are also measures in different sizes such as twin, King, queen, double and California king size. Therefore, if you’re not sure of the size of your mattress, take your time to take the measurements in order to buy accordingly.

Here are the measurements of types of mattresses;

  • Twin mattress-39” by 75”
  • Full mattress; 54” by 75”
  • Queen mattress; 60” by 80”
  • King mattress; 78” by 80”

Step 2: Selecting a box spring Mattress

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to bed height. Decide on how high or the preferred height for your bed. After doing so, select the coordinating box spring-mattress. Box spring heights can range from 5-9 inches. However, it’s also essential to note that, the height of the box spring doesn’t in anyway affect the performance of your mattress.

Step 3: Picking on a Box Spring that best fits your Frame

A good box spring should perfectly fit onto your bed frame. If your frame is older and rigid, check if it can slide-in or rather rest on top of the frame. In addition, it’s essential to ensure that your bed-frame is indeed sturdy and can provide a tight-fit with your box spring.

If your box spring fails to fit your bed frame then, you can opt for another alternative. Box springs can also rest onto the floor thus; it’s not a must that you have to use a bed frame when using a box spring

Step 4: Consider looking for additional alternatives

On instances, mattress and box springs can be a good host for allergens as well as dust mites. If you’re allergic to dust then, you may consider choosing a box spring mattresses with allergen-blocking cover thus, to reduce the possibilities of having an allergy attack. There are other options designed to help individuals with special needs like providing extra for people with back problems.


Remember to have the correct measurements of your bed to have a good box spring that fits your mattress perfectly. If you aren’t sure, don’t take chances; just take your time to measure your bed size. Bed frame should also fit well but if it doesn’t do not stress yourself as you can rest your box spring on the floor. To sum-it-up, there are other types of box springs with additional functionalities you may choose from. If you are allergic to dust or suffer from back problems; there are alternative options for you!

The solution to bedbug problem in beddings doesn’t always lie in discarding the mattress. Many people are however oblivious to the health concerns posed by most chemicals. This makes them tend to shy away from using any chemicals to treat their bedbug-infested bedding. It should be worthwhile to note, however, that there are some non-toxic pesticides that can be used on beddings. This now brings the question as to what chemicals to use on beddings to get rid of bedbugs?

Some of the registered pesticide chemicals that one may use on beddings to kill bedbugs may include:

  • Biochemicals: These, e.g. neem oil contains chemical properties that are harmful to the bedbugs. Neem oil can be used o mattresses. This is because they are not toxic to humans and also considering it has other medicinal properties.
  • Desiccants: These work by destroying the protective coat of the bedbug. This causes them to slowly dehydrate leading to death. They can be used on mattresses as they don’t bedbug activities, are long-lasting and are also not harmful to humans.
  • Pyrethrins: These are derived from flowers. They are natural compounds and therefore little-known effects on humans. What makes them better adapted for muse on mattresses to suppress bedbugs is because they are able to flush them out of their hiding. Their only setback though is that bedbugs tend to grow resistant of them when used over a long time.
  • Neonicotinoids: This is the synthetic form of nicotine that is used as a bedbug killer chemical. It works by constantly irritating the nerves of these bugs till they fail to lead to death. It is also non-toxic and therefore recommended for use on mattresses.

To ensure safety and effectiveness of these chemicals, however, the labels and application procedures read should be read keenly. This is mainly because most of these can do it yourself home procedures or you can call The Exterminators - Pest Control Toronto.

To be factual and upfront here, selecting the right mattress remains a difficult task. In fact, for obese or overweight people, the selection process may seem daunting. Nevertheless, considering certain vital factors will help greatly on how to choose a right mattress. Today, it is important to know that modern technology has helped in manufacturing several types of mattress. These types of mattress often come with great features such lasting for a longer period, better support and not constructed with springs. Reading through the enumerated steps below will help on how to choose a right mattress easily.

Step 1:

One of the best steps to take is by selecting firmest or toughest coil spring mattress available. Studies have shown that a mattress made from firm or tough springs often hold up overweight value than the softer options. Coil mattresses are often designed with several springs. The higher the number of coil springs, you are sure to use the product for a long time. For an overweight person, plush pillow-top mattresses are usually not the best option. This is simply because of the need for assistance or support.

Step 2:

Next on the list is by selecting a high-density foam mattress displaying closed-packed features. Though, you may discover that with time this type of mattress will get slightly softer. This is usually noticed when a heavy person uses high-density foam mattresses. However, high-density foam mattresses often last for a long time. Provided you select the firmest options, you will always experience superior comfort when compared with a spring mattress. High-density foam mattresses have no spring to wear out. It also means that you will not notice any pressure that can make sleeping uncomfortable.


With these few steps, you are sure to select the best mattress that suits your urgent need. You can give it a try now.

Bed bugs are the small flat, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of the human being and the animals, they live or hide in crevices and cracks in and at the beds and if you are not careful enough, it will not be possible to get rid of bed bugs easily and you would need to call bed bug control.

Tips and ways of protecting mattress from bed bugs:

Since bed bugs are not friendly to light, take out your bedding outside and leave them under the bright sun throughout the day and this should be your daily routine because, the heat or burn from the sun, will scare  them away. also , they are not active during the day, but it is proven that, when they are in need of food, they always appear out during the day. thus, making it possible for you to eliminate them.

Inspect your mattress and your bedding for availability of the bed bugs, if you find any on your bedding's and clothes, separate them from the rest  that are not infected, actually vacuum your mattress and boxes to remove any bed bugs and their eggs. Seal the box springs and the mattress with  the zippers polythene bag for more than a year because, they cannot survive for more than a year without any food. Also make sure your beds are pulled away from the walls.

Also, use heated water to soak or dip and wash the infected bedding's and dry them under very high temperatures, because, they are so sensitive to heat, even if, the body heat does not disturb them, the hot heated water will be the best to eradicate them. also, you should place the pillows and non-washable  materials in the dryer for about 20-30 minutes.

Use insecticides and pesticides to eradicate them away. However, to be on the safe side, look for an experienced and an expert to help you, because, these  parasites or insects are likely to hide and conceal in so many unusual places, such as, under the beds frame and on the cracks and crevices.

Finally, but not the least, you can use the cup with mineral oil and place under the beds legs to trap bed bugs when climbing up and down the bed.


Bed bugs are well known in affecting someone physiologically because, getting rid of them is not an easy tasks, it requires a lot of sacrifice and commitment. However, the above ways and tips will help you to eradicate bed bugs from your home, you don't have to worry anymore, and I promise you that, everything will be back to normal.

Most people in your life will never see your bedding, but this does not mean that the choices you make about it are unimportant. The right sheets, pillows and blankets or comforters can ensure a restful night's sleep, last for years, and express your personal style. There are a few key things you need to know to help you make smart bedding decisions. In general, you get what you pay for, and you are not likely to regret paying a bit more for high quality bedding.

When selecting sheets, an important characteristic is the thread count. This refers to the number of strands used in the weaving of the material; a higher thread count sheet will have a denser weave that makes it softer and more durable. Since this aspect of bedding is what actually touches your skin while you sleep, comfort is essential. A thread count over 200 is considered good quality, but you'll feel the upgrade with a 300-count sheet. Sheets made of natural fibres like Egyptian cotton or silk are more durable in the long run, but most have some nylon or other synthetic added for increased washability. If you are looking for flannel sheets for comfort during colder weather, ensure that they have been pre-washed. Otherwise, they will likely shrink when washed and no longer fit your bed properly.

The blankets or comforters you choose for your bed should complement the overall design of your room, but they need to do more than look good. Natural fibres like merino wool and down are the warmest materials, and therefore the most expensive. As with sheets, though, synthetic materials are easier to wash, and are often hypoallergenic. If you are looking for down bedding, choose one with a higher "loft" for thicker clusters of down. Always select a good duvet cover to protect your comforter.

Knowing what to look for in high-quality bedding will help you sleep easy- which is, after all, what it's all about.

Summit_silk_bedding_comforterOnce silk was rare, something only rich people could afford. At times it was considered more valuable than gold. Times have changed since and it is no longer only the wealthy people who wear silk. In many households it is used as bedding. If you are considering buying silk bedding, here is what you need to know.

Studies have shown that our bedding plays a huge role in the comfort during sleep. Bad bedding can play a factor in sleeping disorder. But it is more than just comfortable. Silk bedding is great for anyone suffering from allergies. Since Silk is hypoallergenic by nature no dust mites can survive. Patients with allergies will find it much easier to sleep through the night.

Another reason to use silk bedding is the fact that silk manages to stay cool in the summer, when it is warm and warm in the winter, when it is cold. According to experts this is because silk allows the body heat to disperse. Unlike normal bedding which reflects heat back to the body, which can lead to overheating. To get benefits of the silk, the bedding needs to be made out of a 100% silk.

There are a few myth around silk bedding, that may lead to a decision against using it. Unlike polyester satin silk, which is slippery, real silk will not cause anyone to slip out of bed. They also don't require dry cleaning and can be machine washed. It is however a good idea, to wash them separably and use a low temperate. A laundry bag may also be used. The sheets should not be dried in the sun, it can make silk fade. If a dryer is used, it should only run on air, not heat.

When buying silk bedding it is important to watch out for the quality of the silk. It may not be the best idea to buy it at a department store or discounter. Silk is not cheap due to its production, so anyone wanting to buy should have a close look at cheap offers.

Bed sizes, dimensions and names vary from country to country around the world, with most having their own names and size standards. The sizes generally refer to the mattress size meaning the bed frame has to be slightly larger for the mattress to fit. The mattress thickness varies and can be of any size.

Adequate space is one of the main factors in achieving a good night’s sleep. It’s in order to consider and decide wisely the amount of sleeping space you will have available when purchasing a new mattress. A good mattress should provide extra space in both length and width for you and your partner if you are lucky to have one. The Queen size bed is a perfect fit for two leaving adequate space for spreading and turning.

The Queen Size bed is 60’’ X 80’’ inches and is the most common in the current market. Even though it saves on space by being slightly smaller than the King Size bed, it has enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably while giving them enough room to spread out.

There are two types of mattresses in the market:

• Sprung Mattress – this is a mattress with metal springs providing comfort and sufficient support. The number of springs in the mattress determines how comfortable it is, the more the springs the better the mattress
• Foam Mattress – made from latex, memory or PU foam. This mattress takes the shape of the body as you sleep relieving you from stress caused by pressure points and guarantees sound uninterrupted sleep.

You can always maintain your mattress by airing them adequately. Sprung mattress need to be overturned periodically while form mattress are maintained by rotating them lengthwise also periodically.

The trick is to choose a comfortable mattress that is firm and aligned to your body weight. If you are a heavy person then choose a firmer mattress to enjoy a full night’s sleep.

Mattress CoversMattress covers are vital bedding products and as such, it is advisable to be extremely careful when purchasing one. These covers are meant to serve the purpose of protecting both the mattress and the user while sleeping. With this in mind, it is wrong to go for products that are only beautiful but not effective. For you to get the best mattress cover, the following tips would be of great help to you.

Always go for hypo-allergenic covers especially if you have children in your house. These types of covers will help to reduce exposure to allergens found in the bedroom. This in turn helps you to be protected from respiratory illnesses like asthma or any other kind of allergy.

Before purchasing one, make sure you put the size of your mattress into consideration. The cover should neither be too small nor too big. This therefore means that you ought to buy a well-fitting mattress cover that will last for a long period of time. The amount of money you have will as well determine the size and type of mattress cover to buy.

Basically, there are two types of mattress covers that is: the zippered mattress covers and the fitted mattress covers. The zippered ones are the best ones because they accurately wall the whole mattress in a bag hence protecting it from mites. These types of mattresses are also very effective in avoiding allergens. On the other hand, the fitted covers will only work to cover the top part of the mattress.

Next to purchasing a good mattress, mattress covers should probably be one of the chief items in your sleep product shopping list. After all, these covers will help you to achieve a comfortable sleep. If you have the appropriate information of these products, you will be able to make the right choices when it comes to purchasing one.