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How to Choose a Box Spring for a Mattress

A box spring is simply a wooden support used to raise a mattress off the ground to keep both your mattress and you away from cold air and dust. However, a wooden box spring can be used as a hiding place for bed bugs. So, can bed bugs live in wood? As we know bed bugs can live in wooden materials and furniture. Box spring is made using a system of large and gauge wire coils or even metal rods to provide a support system to the mattress. On the outside cover, the box springs are covered using a skid-resistance fabric to act as a dust-barrier.

The function of a box spring

Initially, box springs were made to help absorb shock and reduce wear for individual using thinner mattresses as well as enhance ventilation for sleepers. They often come as a pair with a mattress (set). On instances, box springs are used together with a bed-frame to raise a mattress as well as provide ample storage under the bed.

There are majorly two types of box springs that include;

  • Standard box spring; they measure 9-inches in height
  • Low profile box-spring; they measure between 5-5 inches

Both the box springs work the same to offer the same amount of support to the mattress regardless of the difference in height. Today, manufacturers produce thicker mattresses than before. However, many mattress manufacturers now produce low profile box-springs. Though, they aren’t as thick as standard ones.

  • Functions of a box spring
  • Provide support & stability to your mattress
  • Create a firm and flat surface for your mattress to rest
  • Elevate or lift the mattress height as well as keep it off the floor

Not all the times when you purchase a mattress it comes with a box spring, sometimes you’ll have to purchase them differently. But before that, it is essential to know how to identify the best box spring for your mattress. Here are some factors to put into consideration to help you with your buying decision. They include;

Step 1: Measuring the mattress size

Just like a mattress, box springs are also measures in different sizes such as twin, King, queen, double and California king size. Therefore, if you’re not sure of the size of your mattress, take your time to take the measurements in order to buy accordingly.

Here are the measurements of types of mattresses;

  • Twin mattress-39” by 75”
  • Full mattress; 54” by 75”
  • Queen mattress; 60” by 80”
  • King mattress; 78” by 80”

Step 2: Selecting a box spring Mattress

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to bed height. Decide on how high or the preferred height for your bed. After doing so, select the coordinating box spring-mattress. Box spring heights can range from 5-9 inches. However, it’s also essential to note that, the height of the box spring doesn’t in anyway affect the performance of your mattress.

Step 3: Picking on a Box Spring that best fits your Frame

A good box spring should perfectly fit onto your bed frame. If your frame is older and rigid, check if it can slide-in or rather rest on top of the frame. In addition, it’s essential to ensure that your bed-frame is indeed sturdy and can provide a tight-fit with your box spring.

If your box spring fails to fit your bed frame then, you can opt for another alternative. Box springs can also rest onto the floor thus; it’s not a must that you have to use a bed frame when using a box spring

Step 4: Consider looking for additional alternatives

On instances, mattress and box springs can be a good host for allergens as well as dust mites. If you’re allergic to dust then, you may consider choosing a box spring mattresses with allergen-blocking cover thus, to reduce the possibilities of having an allergy attack. There are other options designed to help individuals with special needs like providing extra for people with back problems.


Remember to have the correct measurements of your bed to have a good box spring that fits your mattress perfectly. If you aren’t sure, don’t take chances; just take your time to measure your bed size. Bed frame should also fit well but if it doesn’t do not stress yourself as you can rest your box spring on the floor. To sum-it-up, there are other types of box springs with additional functionalities you may choose from. If you are allergic to dust or suffer from back problems; there are alternative options for you!