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Bed sizes, dimensions and names vary from country to country around the world, with most having their own names and size standards. The sizes generally refer to the mattress size meaning the bed frame has to be slightly larger for the mattress to fit. The mattress thickness varies and can be of any size.

Adequate space is one of the main factors in achieving a good night’s sleep. It’s in order to consider and decide wisely the amount of sleeping space you will have available when purchasing a new mattress. A good mattress should provide extra space in both length and width for you and your partner if you are lucky to have one. The Queen size bed is a perfect fit for two leaving adequate space for spreading and turning.

The Queen Size bed is 60’’ X 80’’ inches and is the most common in the current market. Even though it saves on space by being slightly smaller than the King Size bed, it has enough space for two adults to sleep comfortably while giving them enough room to spread out.

There are two types of mattresses in the market:

• Sprung Mattress – this is a mattress with metal springs providing comfort and sufficient support. The number of springs in the mattress determines how comfortable it is, the more the springs the better the mattress
• Foam Mattress – made from latex, memory or PU foam. This mattress takes the shape of the body as you sleep relieving you from stress caused by pressure points and guarantees sound uninterrupted sleep.

You can always maintain your mattress by airing them adequately. Sprung mattress need to be overturned periodically while form mattress are maintained by rotating them lengthwise also periodically.

The trick is to choose a comfortable mattress that is firm and aligned to your body weight. If you are a heavy person then choose a firmer mattress to enjoy a full night’s sleep.